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What is MDF;

MDF (Medium Density Fiber) is a modern consumer material with great application in kitchen doors, as it has minimal moisture absorption. It has homogeneity in its mass, is extremely smooth and has great processing power. It is a slab material and is produced from pressed wood fibers.

What is Thermofoil;

Thermofoil is a polymeric material in the form of sheet. It is installed in MDF panels, due to the smoothness and consistency that it offers, overlapping every form, recess and curvature on the surface and margins. The welding is done in a vacuum press, isolating the panel 100% from moisture.

Why should I choose Thermofoil kitchen doors?

Thermofoil coating is widely-used in the furniture industry. It offers an impressive appearance and gives a touch of luxury. Its surface, in addition to beauty, offers ease of cleaning, scratch resistance and durability over time. Available in one-color, various designs and textures, as well as in realistic wood imitation. Thanks to the sealed, seamless, core of the panel from moisture and bacteria, it provides a competitive advantage over other materials.


Thermofoil being a polymer product, is smooth and essentially non-resource needy, which allows it not to be affected by water.

Low cost

The way Thermofoil is produced, makes the material economical, something that is also visible to the consumer.

Great quality

We guarantee great quality, high reliability at the most competitive market prices.

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You will find our products in selected stores throughout Greece.
You will find our products in selected stores throughout Greece.
You will find our products in selected stores throughout Greece.